Calendar 2004

Rally Dates, Closed Shows & Other Events

  ***   Club Dates in Red Text   ***  
8th February Enrolments 3pm members, 4pm new members
21st February Unofficial Twilight Hack Show
22nd February Milk Carton Regatta
    28th February Serpentine PC Gymkhana  
    29th February Baldivis combined training day  
    29th February King River PC ODE  
7th March Rally 1
    20th - 21st March Serpentine PC ODE State Coaching School  
    20th - 21st March King River EFA ODE  
    27th - 28th March State Tetrathlon Champs: Kellerberrin  
    28th March Close Gymkhana  
3rd - 4th April Narrogin EFA ODE
4th April Rally 2
17th - 18th April Camp at the Club
    17th - 18th April Harvey EFA ODE  
    18th April Baldivis PC Dressage Day  
    25th April Challenge Cup: Murray PC  
1st - 2nd May Moora PC ODE
2nd May Rally 3
2nd May Busselton PC ODE
2nd May Avon @ York PC ODE
15th - 16th May Serpentine PC ODE
    16th May Dressage & SJ Day  
22nd - 23rd May Wooroloo EFA ODE
    29th - 30th May Kalgoorlie PC ODE  
    30th May Baldivis PC SJ Day  
    30th May Serpentine PC Dressage Day  
5th - 6th June Horseman's PC ODE
6th June Rally 4
13th June Serpentine PC Hunter Trials
    20th June Baldivis PC Dressage Day  
    26th - 27th June Narrogin EFA ODE  
4th July Rally 5
24th - 25th July Kalgoorlie PC ODE
24th - 25th July Katanning EFA ODE
25th July Baldivis PC ODE
25th July Serpentine PC Dressage Day
31st July State Eventing Champs: Gidge PC
31st July PPMG Run Offs ?????
1st August Rally 6
1st August State Eventing Champs: GIDGE PC
7th - 8th August Fairbridge EFA ODE
13th, 14th ,15th August Solid Gold Dressage Champs: SEC
22nd August Closed Gymkhana
28th - 29th August Esperance PC ODE
28th - 29th August Wooroloo EFA ODE
29th August Baldivis PC SJ
4th - 5th September Gidge EFA ODE
5th September Rally 7
12th September ODE
18th - 19th September SJ Champs: SEC
25th - 26th September WA 3DE 23-25
26th September 'Not the Royal' open gymkhana
26th September Baldivis ODE
    2nd - 9th October Royal Show  
    2nd - 3rd October PPMG Champs: SEC  
    3rd October Rally 8  
10th October Wallangara PC ODE
16th - 17th October Camp with Pingelly PC at Peel
16th - 17th October Fairbridge EFA ODE
23rd - 24th October Murray PC ODE
    31st October Closed Gymkhana  
    31st October Baldivis PC SJ  
    6th & 7th November Serpentine PC ODE  
    6th & 7th November HOY Dressage  
    7th - 13th November Albany Ag Show  
    21st November Serpentine PC Gymkhana  
    27th November Wanneroo Ag Show  

These dates are subject to change, please check this page regularly for updates

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